Patron Point is a fully featured marketing automation platform, exclusively for public libraries, that connects with your ILS and other data, allowing you to segment your patrons in any number of ways based on data and harness the power of automation in your day-to-day customer messaging.

Email Editor

Create, test and send emails using our drag and drop interface.


Our powerful email editor allows you to build and send emails to your target audience.

A/B Testing

Experiment to see which version of your emails work best.


A/B email testing functionality and real-time reports to understand and improve conversion rates.

Email Automation

Create a series of automated emails with our visual campaign builder.

Powerful Campaigns

Automate your email campaigns using our intuitive visual workflow builder.

Customizable Templates

Use our pre-built, fully responsive templates or create your own.

Flexible Design

Create and send your own emails using templates – inserting images, layout, buttons, links etc.

Web Forms

Use our dynamic form builder to create forms for your website.

Engage your visitors

Start a conversation with your visitors by having them share their information via various forms on your website.

Landing Pages

Build mobile-friendly landing pages for each of your offers.

Fully Trackable

Choose from a variety of layouts, components and add in dynamic content that gives the patron a personalized touch.

Dynamic Lists

Your distribution lists are continually updated.

Great for automation

Create dynamic lists based on criteria you specify that can also offer smart, behavioral-based patron segmentation.

Create unlimited Personas

Define your audience any way you like based on data.

Unlimited Segmentation

Easily create customized segments, categories, or tags – grouping people any way you want for one-off emails or for automated campaigns.

Multi-Channel Communication

Communicate via email, SMS or directly on the web.

Many ways to connect

Automate personalized messages to your audience through multiple channels all in the same simple, visual campaign workflow tool.

Patron Point integrates with data from your ILS and a wide range of other library data sources. Get a 360° view of your patron engagement and target your audiences to drive your marketing performance.”

Patron Sync™ is our real-time API interface that automates your data management.

Patron Point offers robust analytics and reporting for you to stay on top of your marketing program performance. Share the data with colleagues and turn the data into action with these powerful tools.

Customizable Dashboard

Real-time view of performance in our graphical dashboard.

Personal to you

Create your own customized views of data to show you the information you care most about.

Email Insights

Full email tracking, reporting and analysis.

Track, measure and improve

Wide variety of statistics including clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes and deliveries to help you optimize your email performance.

Visitor Insights

Page views, traffic sources, destination pages and more.

Track their interest

Identify who is visiting your website, times/duration of visits, recognize when patrons view an important page or come back repeatedly to your website.

Monitor Channels

See which Channel is working best for you and your audience.

How to reach them?

Gain marketing intelligence insights across channels to help you better understand your audience’s interests and preferred channels of communication.

Share reports with your Team

Schedule reports to be sent by email to share progress.

Pro-actively communicate results

Schedule reports to be sent out to colleagues at specific frequencies to keep them up to date with progress and up to speed with key metrics.

Patron Engagement Index

Automatically score patrons based on their engagement with library.

Track engagement over time

A great strategic tool to measure effectiveness of marketing and quantify engagement across all your services.

Address Verification

Patron Point Verify™ is an optional add-on to Patron Point and offers libraries the opportunity to transform their library card signup and card renewal processes.


We offer an optional component to our new card sign up and card renewal services where we can

  • Take existing GIS shape files or create GIS shape files for the library service area.

  • Use these to check that a patron address is entitled to a library card and/or

  • In the case of a library consortia, assign the patron to the correct library (or libraries) within the group based on local rules.


Contacts can be grouped by segment or other any other data stored within Patron Point. You can take these addresses from Patron Point and plot them on a live map in the form of pins. The pins can be color-coded to match the segment or grouped based on data and shown on the map.

The resulting map is available as a Google Map and can be zoomed In/Out and shown in both “Map” and “Satellite” view.

The map is then available online at a private url or the url can be published for public viewing.

Map View
Satellite View