Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Patron Point is a complete, modern marketing automation platform that gives a library the same tools that are being used successfully by businesses of all sizes.

Automated Workflows

Patron Point’s automation gives you the power to create a personalized experience for your patrons at scale. The platform provides all the tools you need to engage your patrons in a virtually-unlimited number of ways. A visual workflow builder allows you to easily build workflows that fire when patrons interact with forms on your website, email click-thrus, check out items from ILS or download an ebook, attend a program etc. You can create specific touch points and responses that inform, remind, and offer items of interest to continually remind your patrons what the library has to offer them, giving them a truly personalized experience.

Powerful Email Editor

Patron Point comes with a powerful email system that allows you to create, edit, test and manage emails through a single user interface. Email wording and images can be customized based on patron activity and preference data. Start sending professional emails within minutes using one of Patron Point’s range of pre-built templates that look great on any device or create your own using Patron Point’s intuitive email editor. The visualized campaign builder allows users to create multi-touch automated emails by segment, or send ad-hoc email blasts when you have relevant information to share with large groups. Improve email performance by incorporating A/B testing and real-time reports on key metrics to understand which tactics perform better, then adjust to improve conversion rates.


Patron Point has a built-in dynamic form builder that allows you create beautiful and functional forms easily and quickly which can then be included on your website, inviting your audience to start a conversation with you by sharing their information.

Landing Pages

With its intuitive WYSIWYG interface, you can create visually attractive landing pages without the need for coding. You can choose from a variety of layouts, components and forms and add in dynamic content that gives the patron a personalized touch. And you can create a series of linked pages designed to manage new and existing patrons through their library journey.

Patron Point come with pre-built responsive layouts designed to look great on any device, or you can always build your pages from the ground up. Easily add media that allow you to track and trigger automated notifications and workflows.

Dynamic Lists

You can create dynamic lists based on criteria you specify. These lists update continuously and offer powerful behavioral-based patron segmentation that you can use to refine your interactions and communications.

Patron Personas

If personas are your thing, then Patron Point is your system. You can create personas using Patron Point's customizable template. Then, create dynamic emails, customized content and landing pages that focus on the unique needs of each persona.

Robust Analytics

Robust Analytics

Patron Point offers cross-platform analytics and reporting for you to stay on top of your marketing program performance. It offers you the ability to set strategic goals and see what’s working and what isn’t. Share the data with colleagues and turn the data into action with these powerful tools.

Patron Engagement Index™

Automatically score patrons based on their total engagement with library. This includes scores based on their circulation data from your ILS, digital downloads, program participation, website visits, email opens, preferences and demographics to create a quantifiable indicator of patron engagement. Use this to benchmark how engaged your patrons are, how this tracks over time and how your library benchmarks with peers.

Monitor Web Activity

Monitor web activity based on traffic sources destination pages, page views, marketing campaigns and more. By monitoring traffic data over time you'll be able to understand trends about where your visitors, contacts, and customers become engaged, allowing you to make more informed content development decisions based on your audience's interests.

Visitor Insight

Patron Point uses technology to identify who is visiting your website, times page visits, recognizes when patrons view an important page or comes back repeatedly to your website.

Email and Form Insights

Patron Point reports on a wide variety of statistics including clicks, opens, bounces, and deliveries to optimize your email performance. You can measure and compare form performance to more fully understand how individual programs and webpages are performing.

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Simple annual subscription model with no nasty surprises.

Our annual subscription pricing makes budgeting and planning simple and Patron Point managed programs are fully-customizable providing the most cost effective solution to your library's marketing challenges.

And there are no hidden fees such as email overages or additional staff user licenses. So you can plan your budget and rest easy.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

No system lives alone. Patron Point handles data and interactions with a wide variety of integrated library systems and 3rd party providers.

Patron Point works with data from leading library system providers

Patron Sync™

Depending on your particular ILS system, Patron Point offers PatronSync™ - an optional real-time API interface that automates your ILS data management so you never miss a beat (or an update).