We have released some new features for Sierra libraries using Patron Point Notices to help them as they reopen their branches following COVID-19 closures.

Quarantine delay. If you are checking in items as they are received, you can add a quarantine delay before the hold pickup email is sent. For example, if you want a three day delay, then when the item is checked in and is ready for pickup, we will not send the email for three days. That gives staff time to leave the item in quarantine before it goes to the hold shelf. You pick the duration of the quarantine delay from one day to any number of days.

Filtering by pickup location. We can suppress notices for specific pickup locations if they are not yet open, but items have been checked in. Useful for a rolling opening of branches. The notices will be sent when the branch opens and you remove the branch from the filter list.

Current pickup location display text. We add the most recent pickup location to the patron’s record in Patron Point every time we send a hold pickup notice so you can use Patron Point’s Dynamic Content to add special instructions or curbside pickup details that are specific to that pickup location.

It’s also worth noting that you have full control of the notice email—you can put anything you like on the top and bottom of the email. We only reserve one portion of the email for the table of items to pick up. That includes the title, pickup location (optional), and the pick-up by date (optional.). But you can add curbside pickup scheduling links or cross promotions anywhere in the email.

We are currently working on these same features for Polaris notices and then Horizon/Symphony notices are next after that. We’ll announce the features here as they become available for all systems.

You can read the full press release here.