The Syosset Public Library of Syosset, NY, has always maintained regular and engaging communications with their patrons and, with the onslaught of the COVID pandemic, the Library has stepped it up a notch as the Long Island NY area has been a particularly hard-hit region.
Using their library’s Patron Point system, Megan Kass, Systems Librarian at the Syosset Public Library, and her team have been responsible for creating and managing the Library’s email communications and, over the past weeks, the Library has seen many previously un-engaged (or lapsed) patrons re-joining the active patron ranks in several different ways.   Best yet, the Library has been able to offer immediate re-resource access with its newly-launched eCard offering.

To hear more about Syosset’s experience with its COVID promotions, read our press release here.

Thanks, Megan, for sharing this good news!