Proven Programs™

Patron Point offers a complete set of tools including our signature Proven Programs. From welcoming new patrons to renewing library cards, Patron Point offers a suite of pre-designed, visually attractive and personalized programs that get you up and running quickly without all of the fuss and bother.

Core Programs


Through a series of automated messages, communicate key benefits, services and offerings of your library in a consistent way giving your new patrons a great first impression of the library and inviting them to try out the full range of services your library offers.


Provides a friendly, attractive email sequence that warns patrons of upcoming card renewal. Proven to retain patrons by communicating a series of customized messaging to them in an automated way.


Increase patron activity by targeting specific segments based on activity and preferences to promote related services. Can be used to strategically drive engagement and monitor program performance.


Use a milestone (registration date, birthday, card renewal ) to promote what your library has to offer and provide the opportunity to update contact info, preferences, and more.


Create branded patron messages for holds, overdue items etc. and add special links and promotions to the message. Option to send notices via SMS so text alerts can be sent out too if required.

Preference Programs


Takes the traditional library newsletter to a whole new level. Use patron preferences to deliver personalized update of what's happening at your library. (Includes patron engagement with programming and linking to catalog. Library provides content.


Increase library program awareness and attendance with a monthly email campaign that highlights upcoming programs. Promote segments content based on patron base, programming preferences and attendance.


Drive your circulation higher. Provide regular highlight new acquisitions or promote staff picks based on the genres and format that each patron prefers.

Growth Programs


The best source of new patrons is your current user community. Offer an easy-to-use method for users to refer-a-friend and help grow your library.


Offer a coordinated social experience. With Social, you can manage all your social communications (Facebook, Twitter) through a single calendar and watch and respond to user interactions.


Attract new users by promoting collections, services and programs to non-cardholders with an automated web-based campaign with library branding and messaging.

Knowledgeable, Responsive Support

Knowledgeable, Responsive Support

We're here for you every step of the way.

With every Patron Point subscription you get

  • System configuration, setup and support
  • Ongoing data processing and management
  • Managed program setup
  • On-going training and support

We bring our unique combination of many years of digital marketing and library technology experience to bear to make sure our success is wedded to your success. That's our promise.