February 13, 2018

Thinking about things differently at Capital Area District Libraries

One thing that we love about what we do is that every library brings a different focus to their marketing. In one case, it’s creating a new library card renewal experience. In another, it is establishing a more personal relationship as a new member joins the library by asking for collection and service preferences. Later, those preferences can drive a more personalized marketing experience.

Recently, as we were talking with the folks at Capital Area District Libraries (CADL), the one aspect of their marketing mix that they wanted to focus on was how to improve their newsletter. They felt that, in most cases, the only changes libraries have made to newsletter communications was to simply change the distribution channel (from print to email) and had not really considered new ways to approach the underlying content.

Now that we have welcomed CADL to our Patron Point library community (read the announcement), one of our projects out the gate is to consider how, with Patron Point’s segment management and personalization functionality, we might have the opportunity to rethink the library newsletter–we want to make the content personalized to the patron and organized like a modern webpage instead of mimicking a more traditional newspaper format.

We can’t wait to get started.

Shimshock out.

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