address verification

Do you want to offer your customers a better joining and membership renewal experience, save time and retain more cardholders?

Patron Point Verify™, our address verification solution can deliver this for both new library card signups and library card renewals.

Using the same verification toolset that banks and other institutions use to verify addresses, we can offer our customers the opportunity to TRANSFORM their processes. A real game-changing opportunity for libraries!

A simple, powerful, secure, real-time end-to-end solution integrated with your ILS – with flexible workflow and branded, customizable messaging.


Flexible verification logic


The solution works both at an individual library level or within a consortium. Each library can use their own policies and rules to define their service area for purposes of address verification.

We can use a combination of data including GIS mapping, zip codes, cities, and counties to work out who is eligible for a library card. We can also verify addresses where a patron has moved addresses within the service area.

Fully branded web forms


We provide a customizable patron registration form which will sit on your website, integrate with your ILS and be used to sign up new customers.

The form can match your existing forms, contain custom fields and be branded to fit within your library’s website.

Workflow can be customized based on your card types and any local policies as required.

Email workflow can be set up to inform or alert staff members to support existing membership processes.

Customized messaging workflow


Set up a series of welcome emails, renewal confirmations or reminder emails using our powerful marketing automation workflow builder.

These can all be branded and created using our responsive email templates so they are easily accessed on any device. You also get full reporting on message performance.

Messages can also be sent by SMS if required.


Improved access to services


Do your new customers have to visit the library with proof of address before they can fully access the library’s services? For those customers who wish to use the library’s digital resources for example, this must be very frustrating. By verifying their address online, the library can confidently grant them full access to services, giving a much better customer experience all round. New patrons can get going immediately and existing customers experience no loss of service due to expired cards.

Better customer experience


Many membership-based organizations have refined the art of welcoming new customers and renewing memberships. Your customers will be accustomed to the slick processes they have seen with other organizations they belong to, such as their gym or retailer loyalty programs. These organizations use the latest tools and best practices to ensure as little friction as possible. Patron Point offers the library the opportunity to deploy the same toolset and processes and improve the way it handles membership sign up and renewals.

Keep cardholders numbers up


It is important for libraries to keep their cardholders numbers high. A challenge for all membership based organizations is to make it “easy to join” and “difficult to leave.” By creating a friction-less signup process, you are making it easy for them to join. By giving immediate access to services, a series of informational welcome emails explaining everything the cardholder can now do with their new library card, you are more likely to keep them as active, happy customers, making it difficult for them to leave.

Patron Point integrates with all major ILS

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